Explore Cha Loi Cave for 1 day

  • 1 day
  • Max Guests : 34
  • No wifi
  • Jan - Dec

Tour infomation

Come to the tour to explore the Cha Loi Cave system One day you will take on the role of a cave explorer, provided with a head torch and helmet by the travel company, with guidance and thoughtful preparation from the poster team and tour guide. Experienced tour guides from the travel company will take visitors from one surprise to another.

Cha Loi Cave is an interesting experience

What’s interesting is not just going through the motions: rolling, crawling, crawling, crawling. But most of all, when you come here, you will truly realize that there are many extraordinary things that only nature can do, humans cannot create caves. The sounds of gurgling water.

With an extremely large space, you will be quiet for a moment while resting and enjoying the fresh air, giving way to a little reflection, a little confiding in your heart with recorded meditation music. Come to help both you and I quiet our egos on the journey, about the time before, when the distance between handshakes and hugs gradually erased, giving way to love and support. , laughter throughout the entire journey no matter how many challenges lie ahead.

What’s special is that after the journey to explore the cave, you will come to Ban Coi, where there is a valley of love with vast grasslands, surrounded on all sides by mountains, next to small gentle streams. , with its peaceful scenery, is an ideal destination before ending your experiential journey.


  • New tourist transport vehicle
  • Tickets
  • Meals according to the program
  • Quang Binh Tour Guide
  • Protective equipment (Belts, seat belts, helmets)
  • Tent and overnight sleeping equipment

Not included

  • Compensation for tour guides and drivers


  • Comfortable Trekking Outfits
  • Wear sneakers or flat sandals with good traction
  • The tour is not for people with a history of heart disease, high blood pressure or low blood pressure
  • You can wear a Bikini to bathe in the stream


Cha Loi Cave is a new cave that has been put into tourism exploitation in the form of adventure tourism. Experiential journey with crawling and swimming like a true cave exploration expert. Visitors will conquer new and impressive things.

  • The cave system does not repeat
  • Experience rolling, crawling, crawling, swimming and conquering caves
  • Explore the pristine and majestic wild natural scenery of southwestern Quang Binh.
  • Learn about the culture of Bru Van Kieu people
  • Beautiful Valley of Love
  • Bathing in the stream


8:00 a.m. - Pick up the group at the meeting point

Car and tour guide pick up the group at the meeting point at hotels in Dong Hoi or Phong Nha. The group departed on the east branch of Ho Chi Minh Road to visit Long Dai ferry terminal. This is a vital traffic point on the Ho Chi Minh Road, the coordinates of the fire in the center of the US imperialist’s crazy bombing and destruction from 1965 – 1972. After that, the group offered incense at the memorial stele of the heroic martyrs at Long Dai Ferry Terminal. The group took souvenir photos here

9:30 Explore Cha Loi Cave

The group will arrive at the A72 information station historical monument, which was assigned the task of ensuring communication for the Southern battlefield with many important orders transmitted in this cave. After that, you will go on a journey to explore Cha Loi cave. Here, visitors will experience many different activities and emotions such as walking, crawling, climbing, and swimming with a journey of more than 5km inside the cave. Tourists also come to the soldiers’ field theater during the Vietnam War.

During this exploration journey, visitors will be able to take many beautiful photos exploring the cave. In addition to admiring the magnificent stalactite system as well as experiencing adventurous exploration, visitors will come to the beautiful tunnel of love.

13:15 Trekking - Lunch

You leave the cave and have lunch with local dishes organized by the company.

14:30 Visit Coi Da village

After lunch, you can relax and rest at your place. After lunch, you will depart Coi Da village, hang out at Valleys love With an endless grass steppe and the sound of a gurgling stream, it creates comfort for visitors when coming here, leaving the city to return to poetic nature.

Here visitors can bathe in the stream and check in.

16:30 Return to Dong Hoi

You return to the city. Dong Hoi The car takes you back to the original pick up point. Netin Travel driver and tour guide say goodbye to you. End program. See you again!



Does the Cha Loi Cave Discovery Tour depart daily?

Netin Travel is a tourism unit in Quang Binh. Due to the characteristics of Cha Loi Cave Tour, the tour will depart when a customer registers in advance.

Do I need to book a tour in advance?

Due to the specific nature of the tour, you need to book in advance so Netin Travel can prepare human resources and logistics. You are required to book a tour in advance

Does the tour price of 1550,000 VND include all services?

Netin Travel builds package tours. All accompanying services are included in the tour we provide. You will not need to make any additional payments

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